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Some of us prefer Marvel, others DC. Some choose a coffeehouse, others a local craft brewery. But, we are all bound by the common pursuit of helping practitioners solve problems.

About Integrity Systems & Solutions

In a modern, high-tech world, we commit to old-fashioned values. We pride ourselves on a history of accountability, honesty and respect for our customers. With over 25 years of experience integrating and supporting information technology built around your practice's needs, Integrity Systems & Solutions, LLC has earned a stellar reputation in the marketplace. We don’t see ourselves simply as a technology support company, but as your trusted business advisor. We don’t believe in implementing technology for technology’s sake, but believe that technology should be implemented only when it is aligned with your business vision. Simply put, technology should solve your problems and address your needs.




So... You Might Be Wondering What’s Up with the Superheroes?

Truth, Justice, and the Integrity Way! While we might not have superhuman strength, we can't fly through the air, and we're not fighting crime, we still take our mission to support you as seriously as superheroes would. We have a code of conduct by which we measure ourselves and failure is not an option. As your information technology superheroes, we are better at defining your vision, more experienced at supporting your technology, and able to deliver the reality you desire.

Our Culture

We are technology enthusiasts who understand that it is human interactions that make the difference. We believe in setting our people up to succeed so they can do the same for our customers. We own and learn from our mistakes and celebrate our successes. Our customers trust us because we have invested in an ongoing relationship with them and they know we will always do the right thing. Integrity makes the difference because of our commitment to the customer and their business.


Our Mission

While we are a technology support company, our core purpose is to build long lasting relationships and provide peace of mind, which should apply to any industry. Everything we do should answer the questions "Are we invested and engaged in the relationship?" and "Are we providing peace of mind?". We seek out relationships with people who value and appreciate these same things.

Core Values

While we are often excited at the benefits that technology can offer society, we never lose sight of the importance of the human experience. Technology should always help to improve the overall quality of our relationships and not get in the way of them.


The Team to Help You Succeed

Meet your technology superheroes, who are better at defining your vision, more experienced at supporting your technology, and able to deliver the reality you desire...And we are nice too!


Ready to Excel on Team Integrity?

Do you like what you see? Do our values match yours? Read on.

How We Recruit

At Integrity, it's important to us that prospective team members share the same purpose and values as Integrity. Values are things that cannot be taught, as they are intrinsic to a person. If you don't share our values, it's OK, but it does mean that you may be a better fit for another organization with values more aligned to your own.

Our interview process is extensive and a little unusual. You will meet with a variety of people and be asked to dress up like a superhero. Just kidding on the last part, but we may ask you who your favorite super hero is among other questions related to your potential role at Integrity.

If selected to join our team, you will experience both a formalized and on-the-ground training process that will be sure to keep you challenged and wanting to learn more. Your fellow team members are always available to help you succeed in your role. Your success is theirs.


Benefits of Working at
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Interested in joining the Integrity team?

We‘re always looking for new team members in a variety of areas. If interested, please submit a cover letter and resume to

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