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Need some help on how to set-up and implement technology at your practice but not sure where to begin? We are not simply an IT company, but your trusted advisor

Business Planning Overview

We don’t see ourselves simply as a technology support company for dental and medical practices, but as your trusted business advisor. We don’t believe in implementing technology for technology’s sake, but believe that technology should be implemented only when it is aligned with your business vision. Our proven approach ensures that we deliver the reality you desire.

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Healthcare technology evaluation & consultation

Evaluation & Consultation

We evaluate your entire practice, not just the technology in it.

We look at how you and your staff practice your craft. We look at your space and how you work within it. We compare your existing technology against your needs and wants to create a path that leads to your success. We provide objective facilitation of technology integration within your practice.

Simply put, we work with you as your partner to achieve the reality you desire. We work with you all along the way to solve problems and develop plans as you require.

Invest in a relationship, not in a product.

Network Assessments

Do you understand the current state of your technology?

Much like an physical exam, a network assessment is a comprehensive review of the existing technology in your office. We thoroughly review your network to understand the current technology infrastructure and hardware, network design, applications you use, data locations, backup methodology and effectiveness, security, peripherals and more. We will pinpoint any issues with performance and identify opportunities for improvement. This results in a complete understanding of the state of your technology.

As your technology advisor, we will sit down with you to review the results, tell you whats working and what is not. We will work with you to to make recommendations and develop a plan to address your technology needs. 



Healthcare network assessments
Healthcare IT strategic meetings

Strategic Meetings

Regular strategic meetings that provide advice and guidance for your practice.

We see ourselves as members of your strategic team, helping you to make the best decisions that will have a positive impact on the success of your business. We pride ourselves on being truly interested and invested in your specific goals and your specific business vision. Our approach to technology focuses on building a relationship with you from day one, which helps us to determine the most effective solutions for your needs.

We manage your existing technology and help you plan for future uses of new & developing technology. We listen to your technology needs and wants and help you determine priorities for your office. We then develop realistic solutions to bring reality into view for your business.

As an Integrity client, we offer vCIO (virtual CIO) services and provide guidance and advisement to you about your technology and software. With our thorough understanding of your business and technology needs, we work with you to identify and define your vision, set strategic goals and realistic budgets, and provide you with solutions that fit you, not solutions we want to sell.

Working together, you can proactively focus on your business while we focus on the technology that helps run it.

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