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IT Support Overview

With technology, just as in life, things can and do go awry. We are always available to assist you in your times of need. Our first step involves triaging your issue by listening to your issue and its impact on your practice. We will assess what steps may be necessary to take and will dispatch the appropriate resources in order resolve the issue in an effective, efficient manner.

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We have had a long standing relationship with your company and continue to be impressed with your personal customer service and prompt response in emergencies. Your crew are all helpful, professional and conscientious. I could not imagine running an office in today's techno-logic environment without having Integrity Systems & Solutions to help guide us in the right direction.

Karen Piscitelli Practice Manager, Yale Dermatology Associates, PC New Haven, CT

onsite support for healthcare practices

Onsite Support

If you are in need of an onsite technician, Integrity is well equipped to handle your situation and has the resources available for you.

We know that there are times that we must get on site to address your needs. You may have new equipment that needs to be installed and configured or technology that cannot be diagnosed and/or fixed remotely. We will dispatch a member of our onsite support team to assist. Our team is comprised of competent and confident professionals who are experienced in your environment and committed to supporting you.

We have support teams who are responsive to your needs which provides you with peace of mind.

Remote Support

Dedicated and experienced help desk staff to help diagnose and repair your issues to keep you running.

Many issues and problems we encounter today can now be addressed remotely, either by assisting you over the phone or remotely connecting to the system(s) in question. Wherever possible and appropriate, we can assist in resolving your issue in this manner. The benefit of remote support is that you can be assisted in a quicker time frame and your issue can be resolved quicker, which reduces downtime in your practice.

The quicker we can address your issue, the sooner you can return your focus to your business and not worry about the technology that supports it.


Emergency Support

We are available 24/7/365. If you have a critical issue, we are always available to help.

Sometimes you experience critical issues either inside or outside of normal business hours that need to be addressed quickly. No matter the time of day or day of the week, Integrity is available for you with an on-call staff that will either resolve your issue or provide you with a path to resolution to keep your business up and running.

You can worry less knowing you are covered when you have an emergency. There are resources available anytime you need.
preventative IT maintenance for practices

Preventive Maintenance

An apple a day...

Just as a patient should brush and floss their teeth, eat healthy and engage in routine exercise to help maintain their overall health, it is equally important to consistently maintain your overall computer network in order to ensure its best performance. While it is unlikely to eliminate all reactive service, on a routine basis we take appropriate measures to ensure that your systems and applications are performing optimally to provide your office with maximum up time.


Day or night, your systems are monitored for security, stability and reliability.

In medicine, checking a patient's vitals periodically throughout your relationship allows you to pinpoint possible areas of trouble. Much in the same way, our monitoring system identifies areas of concern with your technology and alerts us and you to their existence.

It is important to understand any underlying issues before they present as an emergency that can cause business interruptions.


Allow us to show you the path to success.

While it can be exciting to have the latest and greatest technology, if you are not trained in its proper use it can cause you frustration and stress. Integrity takes the time to listen to you and your needs and teaches you how to gain the most from your technology.

Don't underutilize your investment. Proper training will allow you to make the most of it and truly achieve the reality you desire.

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