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Learn how Dr. Previtt partnered with Integrity; his trusted, responsive, and accountable technology advisors.

About Mark Previtt Orthodontics

Dr. Mark Previtt owns and operates an orthodontic practice with locations in Derby and Orange, Connecticut and had lost confidence in his IT vendor following some significant network issues in the office.  The vendor who had been supporting the office was a “one man show” who was located outside of the New England region.  The vendor was not consistently available and was slow to respond to the doctor's calls for assistance.  In addition, the vendor had been unable to completely address the issues that were causing the office pain.  Dr. Previtt decided it was time to make a change and reached out to Integrity Systems & Solutions for help.

“"Unfortunately, our outdated network was not allowing our office to perform at the level that we desired and we knew that we needed to do something about it. Integrity was able to update our server, simplify and streamline our network, and decrease our vulnerability in a matter of a few days. Everyone on their staff has been attentive, helpful and expedient, which helped make this transition seamless. I only wished that I had done this sooner.”

Mark Previtt, D.M.D.

The Challenge

The office was still experiencing pain due to the ongoing network issues which included an unstable server. The network configuration and setup was overly complex for the practices needs, and the prior vendor had taken a band-aid approach to addressing previous issues. As a result, the office technology was operating in a debilitated state and not performing to the standards that the Doctor expected or required. Dr. Previtt was spending more time worrying about his technology than felt he should be, he simply wanted to focus on the care of his patients. He looked to Integrity to transition his practice from the previous vendor, start supporting the office and to address the issues at hand.

How We Helped

As part of Integrity’s proven process, a phased approach was taken to onboard the office as a customer. Integrity performed a detailed evaluation of the office, reviewing and cataloging the technology in place. After discussing with Dr. Previtt our findings and reviewing the business as a complete entity, Integrity was able to develop a path to resolution of all the practice issues and propose solutions to address those issues. The Integrity team isolated the issues affecting both the server and the network and developed a plan towards stabilizing the technology.  Due to the age and condition of the server, it was determined that a new dedicated server would be the appropriate course of action. All pertinent data was restored and transferred to the new dedicated server. As part of the implementation, all existing workstations were reloaded and reconfigured with the more current Windows 10 operating system.

The network equipment was replaced with a new business class network switch, router/firewall and access points for better security. Additionally, the office was transitioned to Integrity’s VitalIT plan which included an encrypted online backup solution and encrypted email.

The Results

Dr. Previtt is now running a stable network with a new server that will allow for future growth and he has peace of mind knowing he can count on Integrity as a trusted, responsive, and accountable technology partner who is there to support his office. 

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