Assisting Doctor with Practice Acquisition and Building Patient Relationships

See how Integrity assisted South Windsor Dental with a practice transition that allowed for higher efficiency and a strong focus on growing patient relationships.

About South Windsor Dental

Dr. Sara Curcio and her team at South Windsor Dental work hard to cultivate deep, trusting relationships with their patients. They share values that very much align with those of Integrity. Dr. Curcio acquired her practice in 2017 after years of providing dental care at other practices. At the time of acquisition, the practice was running dated equipment and the overall practice flow was not one that met the doctor's stringent standard for quality care and delivery.

“I worked with Integrity for 8 years while I was an associate dentist at a practice. They were always so dedicated, knowledgeable, organized and professional. When it came time for me to purchase my own practice, I knew who I would call right away. Jon Northway came into the office to help me envision the future, and over the past year, we have implemented all of the technology that we spoke of that day. I know that everyone at Integrity will help me identify ways to improve logistics and technology to make my practice the best it can be in the years to come. I trust them whole-heartedly and am thankful they are always there to back me up.”

Sara E. Curcio, D.M.D.

The Challenge

The overall technology of the acquired practice was extremely dated.  The prior owner was only utilizing technology in an administrative capacity and had yet to embrace digital radiography in the clinical areas.  Dr. Curcio had worked for dental practices in the past who fully embraced high-tech dentistry in their environments.  Having worked for a practice that had a relationship with Integrity, Dr. Curcio knew of our particular expertise and reached out to us for guidance as soon as she had determined that she would be purchasing the practice.

How We Helped

First, as part of our Integrity Difference, we sat down with Dr. Curcio and listened to what her vision was for her new practice. We asked appropriate questions as to what she wanted to achieve and considered all aspects of how that might look. We reviewed the existing technology infrastructure and evaluated what would work and what would not work. We then developed a plan that addressed all areas of concern from backup and network upgrades to equipping the clinical areas with technology that could meet the demands of her digital radiography software.

Keeping budget in mind, a phased approach was taken based on priorities identified and feedback from Dr. Curcio. In the initial phase, business class network equipment was installed for better security and wireless functionality. Outdated workstations in critical locations were replaced and document scanners were installed to allow the office to run paperless.

The second phase was geared towards the future growth of the practice. Integrity coordinated with electricians and contractors to better equip the clinical rooms with workstations and dual monitors, a more robust server was installed to allow for future growth in data sizes and prepare for digital radiography. To make the overall patient experience more pleasant, patient entertainment solutions were also implemented.

The Results

Dr. Curcio is now running a high-tech office with digital technology solutions in place. This has allowed her to improve efficiencies within her practice and to focus on growing her relationships with patients.

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