Signs That Your Medical or Dental Office Needs Managed IT Services

By: Daryl Smith on February 13th, 2024

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Signs That Your Medical or Dental Office Needs Managed IT Services

After trying to handle your IT needs on your own, you may be frustrated and wondering: Do I need managed IT services? Your medical or dental office may benefit greatly from choosing a managed IT service provider instead of a DIY approach. This blog explains what IT service management is, signs you need one, and how to choose the best one for your practice.

What is IT service management?

Just like other tasks you may outsource (like bookkeeping and advertising) you can outsource your IT operations to a third party. These providers typically focus only on providing IT services to their clients. You can choose to outsource your entire IT operation or use these providers as support for your current staff.

Signs that your office may need a managed IT service provider

Determining whether your dental or medical office needs a managed IT service provider involves evaluating your current IT infrastructure, assessing your business needs, and considering factors such as security, compliance, and scalability.

Partnering with a managed IT service provider may be a strategic option if:

  • Your staff has limited IT expertise. If you can't afford to hire an IT team, you may need to outsource the process.
  • Limited time. Serving a large roster of clients may not leave you time to handle IT issues. This is a good problem to have!
  • Security concerns. Protecting personally identifiable information is critical.
  • Compatibility issues. Building a network that integrates seamlessly and functions well sometimes requires expertise beyond what a DIY approach offers.
  • Outdated IT system. If your system is rarely maintained or updated, your office is most likely not being as productive as it could be, and it’s probably not HIPAA compliant.

Risks and inconveniences of not using a managed IT service

Your medical or dental office's IT processes are essential for maintaining your business. Not using a managed IT service provider could cause you to:

  • Be noncompliant.
  • Have lower productivity.
  • Spend more money on IT than necessary.
  • Not scale as quickly as you could have with a managed IT partner.

What to look for in a managed IT service provider

Finding the best managed IT service provider for your business is just like hiring any other vendor. You'll need to do your research. They aren't all created equally AND the cheapest won't necessarily be the best. Look for:

  • Experience with offices like yours. You will want a partner that has worked with your type and size of office. Ask to talk to references.
  • Feel confident the company has the bandwidth to handle your tasks and will be available to proactively handle issues.
  • Personalized support. Ask about their customer service team and what your package will include (like training, issue resolution, etc).
  • Scalability options. Choose the partner that can match your growth plans.

Using a managed IT service provider is a smart option for growing dental and medical offices. Instead of trying to handle IT issues as one-off problems, you create a streamlined process and direct path to solutions. That way, you can focus on satisfying your patients without worrying about IT!

Is your practice ready for a managed IT services partner? Contact Integrity Systems & Solutions today to learn how we fit into your short- and long-term goals.