VITALIT: Cybersecurity & Unlimited Tech Support for Your Practice

By: Michael Vincelette on March 31st, 2020

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VITALIT: Cybersecurity & Unlimited Tech Support for Your Practice

Data Security  |  Dental  |  HIPAA Guidelines

In this day and age of rising compliance requirements and threats of security attacks, it's important to have the right cybersecurity package for your practice. Your sensitive data, along with your patients' information, needs to be protected at all costs. When you look online, it may seem like you need multiple companies and services to achieve the security you require. That's simply not true. VitalIT does more than just protect you from cybersecurity attacks. We will go over everything this service provides to answer all of the questions you may have.

Unlimited IT Support & Proactive Onsite Maintenance

No one wants surprises on their monthly statement for cybersecurity. Some businesses may charge an additional fee for calling support or require authorization from specific individuals in a company in order to assist employees with an IT issue. VitalIT offers your entire organization unlimited IT support. If you have an issue, we are ready and available to take your call, focused on walking whoever is on the line through the necessary steps to resolve their issue. VitalIT also includes proactive onsite maintenance. We will schedule a fixed number of visits to perform scheduled proactive onsite maintenance at your office. This will help prevent possible cybersecurity attacks and software and equipment failure.

Fixed Pricing

Budgets are important, and we respect your need to understand how much you are paying for your cybersecurity services each month. VitalIT is one fixed cost each month, so you know exactly how much you will pay. The fixed pricing model protects your practice from attacks and viruses, while also providing unlimited technical support. You will have more time to assist your patients and you will need to spend less time analyzing your IT security bills.

Business Planning & Solutions

Beyond IT support, VitalIT leverages our tech experts who will help your practice with business planning. When it comes to upgrading medical technology and dental equipment, it can be tough to know what is going to be the best for your practice that is also within your budget. Business planning will help you define your practice's vision, set attainable goals and realistic budgets, and find technology solutions that work for your business.

Backup & Disaster Recovery

Every healthcare practice is required to comply with HIPAA guidelines. This means you must have a plan for data backup and disaster recovery. Having a disaster recovery plan is essential for any business that is dependent upon technology. Fortunately, your VitalIT service plan includes this crucial data backup and disaster recovery. You can rest assured you will be HIPAA compliant and that your data is protected. All of your information is backed up on secure servers and encrypted. It will be recoverable in the unfortunate case of a natural disaster or cyber attack.

Cybersecurity Experts You Can Trust

Your patients and your practice need your full attention, which is why VitalIT includes around-the-clock support 365 days a year. You will always reach a friendly associate on the other end of your call who can help find a resolution to the issue you are facing. With unlimited support, you don't need to worry about being charged for calling in or receiving an unexpected charge for something else on your invoice. The price you see is the price you pay for all VitalIT services. In addition to unlimited IT support, you receive proactive onsite maintenance, business planning and solutions, and data backup and disaster recovery. Give us a call at (866) 446-8797 if you have any questions about VitalIT.

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